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Mailman and Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are handled using the GNU Mailman software. The installation and operation is pretty straightforward, but there are a few things you should know.

GNU Mailman

Mailman resides on mail and is operated on behalf of the user "mailman". Connect to mail as phyadmin then:

sudo su -s /bin/bash mailman

Do not operate the lists as root! This might cause breakage. Commands and scripts are located in the ~mailman/bin directory.

Creating a list

Creating a list is currently done via the shell by running the newlist command, e.g.:

~/bin/newlist listname secretpass


Then you MUST add the list aliases, printed out for you, to postfix's alias file - on our system that is /etc/postfix/list-aliases. Then run newaliases

Deleting a list

To delete a list, issue the rmlist command, e.g.:

"su -s /bin/bash mailman"

# su -s /bin/bash mailman

bash-4.1$ cd

bash-4.1$ cd bin

bash-4.1$ ./rmlist Spin2014

Remove the list aliases from the /etc/postfix/list-aliases file and run newaliases

Other commands

There are several other commands available, which allow you to configure the list or dump the database, but they are too numerous to describe here. All of them will produce documentation if executed with a "-h" switch.

To delete a lists archives without changing the list, first empty the mailbox  archives/private/mylist.mbox/mylist.mbox then wipe the archive bin/arch --wipe mylist

Web interface

Once a list is created, you can access and configure it via the web-interface. The address is:

The web interface is also very useful because you can let other people administer their mailing lists without having to give them access to mailman.

The web-interface is mostly self-explanatory and good context help is provided with it, so it is unnecessary to double it here. Just click away on the (Details) links.

Subscribing to the list




We do some simple pre-filtering for some mailing lists to make sure that certain things are flagged and not allowed through. See /etc/postfix/list-aliases: you will notice that some of them are routed through procmail scripts in /var/mailman/filters. Some of it will be discarded right away, while other stuff will be X-Header marked. The lists are configured to look for these additional headers and hold the submissions for approval.

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